VREDENSDAL – Deal with Soulseller Records – New Full-Length Album ‘Sonic Devotion To Darkness’ in March 2023

US Black Metallers VREDENSDAL have signed a deal with Soulseller Records! The band’s new album “Sonic Devotion To Darkness” is announced for March 31st 2023.

VREDENSDAL, founded 2018 by The Goblin Reaper in Green Bay, Wisconsin – with the intention to alter the typical expectations of what Black Metal can be, integrating multiple influences into a single dynamic force to call out the primal desire within all to look deeper into our own inner shadow. Dubbed “N.W.O.U.S.B.M.” by fans, the music features styles both, the familiar and the unknown, which weave a tapestry of homages to the masters of yesteryear and explore new takes on the genre, most often in a thrashing & grooving madness. Fans of both the classic and contemporary Black Metal sound will find this outstanding act warrants repeated listening.
Statement: “VREDENSDAL is absolutely astounded & proud to present our 4th album “Sonic Devotion To Darkness” in conspiracy with legendary label Soulseller Records! Signing with and being part of a label whose bands throughout the years have inspired us since our early days is a huge step for us and with this new alliance our venomous potency shall spread further and be more deadly and infectious than ever.”

1. Between Worlds (Intro)
2. The Chaos Rite
3. The Eye in the Well
4. Nightgrasp
5. Sonic Devotion to Darkness
6. Cyclical Despondancy
7. Svøpt I Blod
8. My Right to the Throne
9. Eyes Glowing Black

Goblin Reaper – Guitar / Vocals
Myrvandrer – Bass
Lord Mortkin – Drums



Cover Artist: Marek Soszynski