Soulseller Records proudly announces “Kydoimos” (Κυδοιμος), the brand new and ninth overall full-length album of Greek cult act KAWIR!

KAWIR formed in the early Greek black metal scene of the 90s and have been exploring Greek mythology, literature, and mysteries for 30 years – and no other band really captures the essence of those stories and times the same way. The name of the new album derives from one of the Makhai (Μάχαι,) Ancient Greek daemons (personifications/spirits) of war. Kydoimos in particular refers to the personification of the cacophony and bedlam of battle.

“Kydoimos” sees KAWIR achieve new heights in both unrelenting heaviness and epic atmosphere!

‘Kydoimos’ is out now and can be pre-ordered on cd & lp’s here:

World: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com
Americas: http://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com

A video clip for the single “Echetlaeus”, can be checked out at this location: https://youtu.be/pFZ4fC-rkFI


01. Teiresias (ΤΕΙΡΕΣΙΑΣ)
02. Fields Of Flegra (ΦΛΕΓΡΑΣ ΠΕΔΙΟΝ)
03. Centauromachy (ΚΕΝΤΑΥΡΟΜΑΧΙΑ)
04. Hecatonchires (ΕΚΑΤΟΓΧΕΙΡΕΣ)
05. Myrmidons (ΜΥΡΜΙΔΟΝΕΣ)
06. Achilles & Hector (ΑΧΙΛΛΕΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΚΤΟΡΑΣ)
07. Achilles Funeral (Η ΚΗΔΕΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΧΙΛΛΕΑ)
08. Echetlaeus (ΕΧΕΤΛΑΙΟΣ)
09. Kydoimos (ΚΥΔΟΙΜΟΣ)
10. War Is The Father Of All (ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΠΑΝΤΩΝ)


Therthonax – Lead / Rhythm Guitars
Porphyrion – Vocals
Agisilaos – Drums / Percussion
Iason – Lead / Rhythm / Solo Guitars
Dis Pater – Synths / Keys / Choirs
Epameinondas – Bass

Special guests:
Ilias Zervas: Theatrical Tenor in “Achilles Funeral” and “War Is The Father Of All” & Jim Mutilator: Guest vocals on “Hecatonchires”