OUT NOW: GRAVDAL   ‘Kadaverin’ CD digipack and LP! 

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After having found a new home in Soulseller Records Gravdal now release their new and third full-length album “Kadaverin” in different formats (CD digipack, vinyl, digital).


“Kadaverin” was recorded and mixed in Mackwerk studio by Lord Bård and mastered by Herbrand Larsen at Conclave & Earshot studios. It features guest appearances from members of Satyricon, Taake, SAHG, The Ruins Of Beverast, Seven Impale and Orkan and lyrics written by V`gandr (Helheim, Taake).

Be prepared for a highly diverse ride through blackened dimensions!
The title track is streaming now at this location: https://gravdal.bandcamp.com/track/kadaverin

Some words and scores from the media:

“Gravdal has taken a quantum leap with this album!” – Scream Magazine (NO), 5/6
“Gravdal are enriching the genre!” – Zwaremetalen (NL), 88/100
“In terms of  unpredictability, GRAVDAL are ahead of most other Black Metal bands!” – Metal Hammer (GER), 5/7
“Original and authentic!” – Metallian (F), 5/6


  1. Kadaverin
  2. Apostler av døden
  3. Dans med livet, dans med døden
  4. Arkaisk kamp, angrip!
  5. Vi som ser i mørket
  6. Eklipse
  7. Roten til all ondskap
  8. Inni menneskedyret
  9. Når noen tar farvel

Eld: Vocal & Bass
Phobos: Guitar
Saur: Guitar
Taakesjel: Drums