OUT NOW: DEMON EYE “Prophecies and Lies” CD/LP!

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DEMON EYE are back with their third offering and another dose of their own blend of Heavy Classic Rock, Proto Metal and Traditional Doom!


The new album was recorded by Mike Dean of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY in the band’s hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, and displays a strong musical progression with mighty riffs, haunting melodies and fist-raising anthems. DEMON EYE are bringing vintage heavy darkness for modern times and current day evils.

Check out the album’s opening track, “The Waters and the Wild”, at this location: https://demoneye.bandcamp.com/track/the-waters-and-the-wild

Some words and scores from the media:

“Everything fits perfectly together – independent and exciting!” – Deaf Forever (GER), 9/10
“Demon Eye do something beautiful with their range of influences!” – Aardschok (NL), 78/100
“Demon Eye have perfected their art!” – Metallian (F), 5/6
“Prophecies And Lies is sharp, edgy and exceptional… Don’t let it pass you by.” Shockwave Mag (USA)
“Honest rock music!” – Metal Only (GER), 9/10


1. The Waters and the Wild
2. In the Spider’s Eye
3. The Redeemer
4. Kismet
5. Infinite Regress
6. Dying For It
7. Politic Devine
8. Power of One
9. Vagabond
10. Prophecies and Lies
11. Morning’s Son