DORIAN SORRIAUX – acclaimed BLUES PILLS guitarist signs with Soulseller Records! – announces debut EP – plays live

Dorian Sorriaux, acclaimed guitarist for blues rock superstars BLUES PILLS (2016’s»Lady In Gold« went #1 in Germany), has announced to release his first solo EP this summer. Sorriaux recently signed a deal with Soulseller Records for the release.

The EP will be entitled »Hungry Ghost« and was produced by fellow BLUES PILLS bass player Zach Anderson at the band’s own studio in Örebro, Sweden. »Hungry Ghost« will feature four psychedelic acoustic folk tracks with Sorriaux on guitar as well as on vocals.

Sorriaux explains: “The title “Hungry Ghost” comes from a book I read called “In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts” by Dr. Gabor Maté. I really liked how those two words fit together when I first saw the title. But there is a deeper meaning to it, the hungry ghost inside of us makes us feel as we’re not good enough the way we are. It drives people to seek for more money, more booze… and leads to self destructive patterns. It’s also a theme throughout the lyrics of the EP, ‘Need To Love’ was inspired from a time I walked by a really shady neighborhood filled with junkies, living in that dark realm at all time.”

The French guitarist will play some selected live shows in his home country in April/May.

26.04. F Brest, Le P’tit Minou w/ THE RED GOES BLACK
04.05. F Quimper, La Maison Jaune
05.05. F Brest, La Maison Bleu
11.05. F Lorient, Le Galion w/ THE RED GOES BLACK

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