With much pride Soulseller Records presents:


The band’s new and tenth studio full-length is entitled “Instinctus Bestialis” and is out now as jewel case cd, digipack cd (limited first pressing), limited black vinyl lp, limited picture vinyl lp and digitally. On the day of release we celebrate with a special gold vinyl lp edition, which will be only available directly from us! Limited to 100 copies only!

The album was recorded and mixed by drummer Thomas Asklund in Monolith Studio, produced by Infernus & Asklund and mastered at Cutting Room / Sweden by M. Lindfors, Infernus and Asklund. Guest appearances on lead guitar by Chris Cannella, Fabio Sperandio and Henrik Ekeroth.


1. Radix Malorum
2. Dionysian Rite
3. Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
4. Come Night
5. Burn in His Light
6. Rage
7. Kala Brahman
8. Awakening

Line Up:

Atterigner – Vocals
Infernus – Guitars
Bøddel – Bass
Asklund – Drums

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  • Michael K. C. Brown

    PLEASE! Come tour the U.S. when this releases!! …and when you do, come to Minneapolis, MN. I look forward to this release with an eager, ravenous soul.

  • Vasil Minchev

    Any news about preoprder date? I don’t wanna miss these ones. Thanks!

    • Michael K. C. Brown

      I guess you overlooked it, the date is listed above as June 8th 2015.

      • Michael K. C. Brown

        Oops… I misread your post… I didn’t see the “pre-” in “preorder”… I’m beside myself with excitement!

        • Vasil Minchev

          Yeah, that’s the thing about it 🙂 I already missed some records waiting for them to be “out”, so I would definitely like to preorder this one. I wrote to Soulseller on their FB page, they suggested I subscribed to their mail-order newsletter. That might do.

          • Michael K. C. Brown

            Good idea. I think I’ve subscribed already, but I’m going to double check.

    • Colt Lacey

      I emailed them asking about preorders. nothing set in stone yet but preorders should start around middle of may.

      • Vasil Minchev

        Me too..
        On the other hand, you can already order it through Season of Mist, and this weekend they are giving 10 % discount on all vinyls. Go and grab it! I’m going for it, too.

        • Colt Lacey

          I’m all over it. I couldn’t see it because I wasn’t in the “worldwide store” on season of mist.

        • Michael K. C. Brown


  • Where can you listen to the tracks?

    • mastema

      Nowhere. Soulseller will upload a sample track in the upcoming weeks.

  • amazing as always