Soulseller Records proudly announces the new album by German metal truppe Porta Nigra!

Entitled “Weltende” , the new album will by fired upon the world on the 28th of July. An absolute unique album that noone into extreme metal should miss.

Since their formation in 2010, Germany’s PORTA NIGRA have achieved the status of being one purveyors of the avant-garde within extreme metal. Starting with their sinister and opium-infused debut of 2012’s Fin de Siècle to the martial and militant mock of the Prussian empire in 2015’s Kaiserschnitt to the more straightforward but no-less-theatrical black metal opus Schöpfungswut in 2020, the band have cemented their leading position within the vanguard scene of German extreme metal.

Bringing the past into the present with bold and belligerent strokes, PORTA NIGRA return with Weltende, recasting the eclectic expression of their first two albums in a new, brilliant light. Immediately, the shapeshifting-yet-signature sound of the band is established – austere but restless, spacious but suffocating – and vocalist André Meyrink incredibly dynamic throat leads the charge with stentorian flair. But as much of a rush as Weltende is from that very beginning – and truly, PORTA NIGRA can rush and race with the best of them – the band’s fourth full-length soon blossoms like a deadly flower into myriad dread shapes, all breathtaking to behold. No sonic stone is left uncovered here: black metal, death metal, doom, thrash, and various connecting points in between. But, above all, PORTA NIGRA keep the grandiose edge that’s unified all their work, however varied, and Weltende vividly illustrates a deep lyrical focus.

As Meyrink explains, “This album transports the very aspects of war and what war causes to you mentally quite perfect. It is shocking, fanatic, dramatic, and depressing in equal measure and almost devoured me. Definitely no easy-listening stuff, but an album that grows and grows like the horrors of martial destruction.” 

Guitarist/songwriter Tobias (AKA Gilles de Rais) delves deeper: “With Weltende, we did again what we prefer the most – time travelling. Our destination of choice was the troubled period before the dawn of the monstrous sin of the 20th century – the Great War. An art called expressionism gave hints of the abyss that the European continent and its citizens would get thrown into. Especially authors like Georg Heym, Jakob van Hoddis, Georg Trakl, or Gottfried Benn would paint in their poems with drastic metaphors of war, death, and decay a picture of a moribund world overpopulated by lunatic and doomed souls. Many of those young men would not grow old and never be able to live a life beyond their apocalyptic visions. This album, for which we respectfully borrowed a handful of ideas, is dedicated to them and their legacy.”

Pre-orders for “Weltende” will go live on May 31st, together with a brand new track!