SOULSELLER RECORDS loudly announces NATTVERD’s highly anticipated fourth album, I Helvetes Forakt.

Cover artwork by Misanthropic-Art

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, NATTVERD was initially started in the ’90s, but due to reasons beyond control, the band’s official formation was delayed until 2014. A few tracks were written during this period by founders Ormr (vocals, guitar) and Atyr (guitar), which later culminated in NATTVERD’s debut album, Vi vet gud Er En Løgner, in 2017. On this album, Ormr and Atyr recruited Serpentr on drums, and the record received great critical acclaim in the underground scene. A year later, they released the EP Skuggen, which featured Skjolden on guest drums, from Norway’s infamous Fester. Shortly after this EP, they wrote their second album, Styggdom, and recruited drummer Antichristian (ex-Tsjuder) and bassist Sveinr (Nordjevel, ex-Ragnarok). 

Thereafter, NATTVERD scored a new record deal and eventually released Styggdom in 2020 through to high praise in the media. In 2021, they released their third album, Vandring and were signed by Flaming Arts Agency to take their music to the live arena. On this album, Aven joined the band on guitars, and after the album, they parted ways with drummer Antichristian. They were then joined by drummer Renton (ex-Urgehal, ex-Sarkom), which then led to the band recorded their fourth album in Caliban Studio Storsjøen.

Titled I Helvetes Forakt, NATTVERD’s fourth album is their first with new label home SOULSELLER RECORDS, longtime fans of the band. Much as its cover art forecasts the contents ahead, I Helvetes Forakt effortlessly transports the listener to wintry, alluringly desolate landscapes, working as much atmospherically as they do aggressively. More than ever, NATTVERD embody the cryogenic majesty of classic Norwegian black metal, conjured during the glorious 1990s but by no means tethered to that past. If anything, the quintet have their sights set on the distant future, patiently pushing their sound forward to icier heights (and depths) whilst maintaining their distinct poise and personality. And to punctuate the release of I Helvetes Forakt, NATTVERD are confirmed to play Steelfest Open Air 2023.

“I Helvetes Forakt” is set for worldwide release on May 26th on cd/lp & digital.
A first track and pre-orders will follow early April.

Tracklisting for Nattverd’s I Helvetes Forakt

1. Det Stormer I Norge
2. Vandring I Elver Av Blod
3. En Poesende Eim I Vinden
4. Oeyne I Natten
5. Forbannet Vaere
6. Helvete Kjenner Alt, Selv Naar Taaken Har Lagt Seg
7. En gammel Kriger Trosser Vind Og Vaer
8. Gudsforlatt
9. Elvedjuvet
10. I Moerke Skip Innover