It’s been 7 long years since their latest full-length release, these alcoholic Autopsy worshipping slackers. Finally finishing up the writing process for this 3rd album in the end of 2019. Wing Studios in Stockholm, ran by the renowned producer Sverker Widgren, was booked for recording sessions in March 2020. The material is still nasty and disgusting Death Metal, but with an extremely meatier sound and much heavier production than can be found on their earlier recordings. Also, having been on 3 tours through Europe and doing quite a lot of live gigs during these years has formed the band into a way tighter unit.12 songs including 1 instrumental, total full on perversity and classic fucking Death Metal!

The first single “Vodka Til The Grave” is out now and it has a disgusting video too! Check the official video here:

Some picks for audio streaming:

“Dawn Of Reintoxication” will be out October 9th and can be pre-ordered here:

Pre-orders will start shipping late September.