Soulseller Records is proud to announce the signing of FURNACE (SWE) to our roster; new album coming up, first single available now!
Conceptual death metal in a both melodic, thrashing and gothic setting. What if Paradise Lost, Deceased and any Swedish death metal band of choice came together for a full on story telling album? Well then you´d have FURNACE´s “Dark Vistas”. Comprised of members from Paganizer, Demiurg and Assassins Blade aswell as Cult of the Fox and Void Moon this Swedish outfit explores a new melodic death metal vista of sorts. Its still death metal but its also much more, delve deep into the Lovecraftian and cult riddled mythos of FURNACE with “Dark Vistas”.
The first single “Suburban Nightmare” is out for streaming on all digital platforms now!
A pick:

“Dark Vistas” will be out October 9th and can be pre-ordered here:

Pre-orders will start shipping late September.